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4 startup brands that find success in 2020

4 startup brands that find success


1. Interactive experience encourages your audience to interact with your content:

As traditional direct advertising continues to lose its luster in a modern audience, customers are looking for new, technology-based experiences. These technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, allow viewers to interact in a new way with their favorite brands.

Brands that find ways to reinvent themselves in digital space are seen as visionary and intriguing for millennials and General Zers. Content similar to BuzzFeed’s interactive quizzes has embraced social media, allowing viewers to personalize themselves through the brands they interact with on the Internet.

Last year, IKEA expanded the capabilities of its augmented reality application by allowing users to place several IKEA virtual furniture in their rooms, essentially “trying before buying.”

The ability for customers to easily visualize furniture in their rooms helps them interact with IKEA on a more personal level, making their content and branding more accessible to consumers than ever before.

Using immersive technologies such as VR and AR, brands can position themselves as expanding their consumers’ worldviews.

2. Abstract visual effects captivate the audience:

Fashion branding is not so much in the services that brands offer, but in the awakening of strong emotions, core values and high ideas. Modern brand images reflect this shift, becoming more abstract and dreamy than ever before.

Using bolder, more eclectic, and postmodern imagery, fashionable startups are promoting the more ethereal aspects of their brand at a time when these intangible assets are more important than ever.

Skillshare, an online creativity-focused learning platform, often uses abstract images on its blog to promote its brand as a center for creative creativity. Vivid images demonstrate the creativity of the Skillshare community, creating its brand as a digital space in which farsightedness and ingenuity are encouraged.

3. Animations cut through static:

Modern audiences also go beyond static images, as evidenced by the enormous popularity of GIFs on social networks. However, GIFs are used so often that they now become background noise, leaving their original purpose to make the audience slow down and engage content that is not executed.

To remedy this, successful brands have incorporated movement and animation into other aspects of their online presence to attract the attention of buyers.

With charming animations that litter the entire digital space interface, brands can make interacting with them more enjoyable and inspiring for their customers.

4. Attractive brand intrigues:

For startups, fabulous products or innovative new services are not enough to stand out. Your business must create an attractive and electric brand, and the name of your brand will be the first step towards achieving this connection with your audience.

A name can easily create or destroy your brand in the eyes of your audience, so choosing a name that attracts positive attention and is remembered in the minds of your customers is important for the branding process.

As modern brands become more personal, harsh, and destructive, brands follow suit. As more domains and registered trademarks were registered, new startups doubled in vivid, non-standard names.

Many names, such as Discord (a social platform designed for games) and Slack (an instant messenger service designed for the workplace), are powerful and unconventional, despite their simplicity.

Others, such as Purple Mattresses, use unusual names in combination with humorous and original branding to attract huge attention in industries with traditionally “boring” branding.

Some brands even use ironic names (for example, The Boring Company Elon Musk), combining a pun with a name that was previously considered illogical to break out of the competition.

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