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How to combine traditional PR with your marketing strategy in 2020

How to combine traditional PR with your marketing strategy:

How to combine traditional PR with your marketing strategy in 2020

Digital marketing is always changing. As search engines find it increasingly difficult to attract the attention and ranking in the search results they need, digital brands need to develop their strategy.

Enter a traditional PR. Relations with the press have always helped worthy brands get the coverage they need, so why not combine it with your digital marketing?

Read on to find out how to combine traditional PR with your digital marketing strategy and why it matters in 2020.

Combining PR with your digital marketing strategy expands your reach and success as a business. This will help you attract more people and publishers, increase profits, and improve your brand perception.

There are two different types of PR: traditional and digital. Although they are similar and have common goals, they have different ways to achieve these goals. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between traditional and digital PR.

Traditional PR includes relations with the press and management, which focuses on channels such as the print press, niche print media, radio, and, of course, television.

Digital PR is understood as relations with the press carried out by digital means: social networks, websites, blogs, cooperation with influential persons, video centers, etc.

At first glance, traditional PR and digital marketing strategies look completely incomparable. But they do have common methods that can work with each other to help you achieve your goals.

For example, winning links are a major part of digital marketing. Valuable backlinks equate to good SEO, and how do I get those links? PR style.

But what about traditional PR? Well, one goal or PR is to tell stories that increase brand perception for your customers. Digital marketing uses content marketing to allow you to tell these stories through your own channels, such as your local blogs.

There are only examples of why combining PR with digital marketing is such a viable strategy in 2020. But how else can this be achieved?

There are many ways to integrate traditional PR with digital marketing. Here are just a few examples of how you can achieve this for your own agency.

Rely on authorities as journalists
Traditional PR, as a rule, seeks to get positive brand coverage by communicating with reporters.

But social networks are increasingly becoming a source of news. Therefore, PR people prefer not just to use traditional journalists (print media, television, radio, etc.) instead of influential people.

These secular stars with a large number of followers enjoy close relationships with their audience. They are trustworthy and genuine, and as such, offer digital marketing teams a valuable way to connect with your audience and increase brand perception.

Influence is already the foundation of digital marketing strategies for promoting products and services. By contacting influential individuals in their niche, digital teams can also increase brand value and perception of a deal.

Cascade of press releases through proprietary digital channels:

These statements, which are traditionally made for journalists and are the essence of the news story, briefly convey important brand news.

But by issuing press releases on your own digital marketing channels, such as your local blog, social networks, and email, you can deliver business news and press updates directly to your target audience. Thus, you bypass journalists and get directly to the consumer.

This does not mean that you should avoid using journalists in general – they are still a valuable tool for a wider audience. But using your own channels as a PR strategy, you yourself become a publisher and a source of information.

Use social media to build relationships with journalists:

Most likely, you are already using your social marketing channels to create your own customer community, provide excellent customer service and share your (and external) content.

But social media is exactly what social media is. Therefore, it also serves as an effective means of building and developing relationships with journalists.

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