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How to maintain continuous marketing and attract customers during COVID-19

How to maintain continuous marketing and attract customers during COVID-19

How to maintain continuous marketing and attract customers during COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on both people’s lives and the global economy. The situation is full of uncertainty, as the duration of the pandemic remains unknown.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many companies will worry about achieving targets throughout this period. Without traditional face-to-face communication, how can your business establish meaningful and profitable relationships?

Fortunately, it is still possible to tune in to success once the crisis has passed. Although it can be difficult to generate revenue now, this blog will cover how to generate leads in the midst of a pandemic so your business can weather the storm.

Focus on your messages:

Take a step back and look at your posts as objectively as possible. Think about your proposal and think about which elements will most likely resonate with your audience in the current context. Need to refine or adapt some areas of your message?

Right now, it’s important to offer your customers and potential customers as much empathy as possible while adhering to the voice of your brand. Avoid overly negative or stuffy corporate tones – instead, make sure your messages are positive and personal.

The tone and approach that you use in communication during this period of time will greatly affect the perception of your business. Making small changes to your messaging to ensure that you take into account the interests and needs of your audience can be of great importance not only to retain your current customers, but also to attract new ones.

Keep in touch:

If you want your audience to be perceived by you as a reliable and valuable source of information, you need to constantly stay in touch. Publish articles regularly and stay active online by adding new content to your social channels. This will help you stay conscious of your current customers and arouse the interest of potential customers.

With the growing time on the screen, when the masses remain at home, the use of social networks is constantly growing. This indicates that your target audience is likely to be more susceptible to online activity than before, which opens a window of opportunity for your communications. Use your social networks to broadcast updates, offer help, and share new content.

As with your posts, the content you share should be thoughtful, educational, and informative. This should be relevant and useful – since parts insensitive to sales will not do you any good.

Adapt your marketing to your current climate:

Companies around the world are modifying their marketing campaigns to be more accessible and relevant in the current environment. This can be achieved in various ways: whether by adding additional services, discounts and offers or creating online resources.

Interestingly, our lead team reported a jump in content downloads on weekends and evenings in a recent campaign. This suggests that people spend more time on the Internet outside of standard working hours and that they openly seek out fresh, informative materials.

With a little creativity, you can minimize your losses and find new opportunities to attract potential customers. Your audience has time to kill, so give them content that adds value and is appropriate. Such content may include:

Download Guides
Online lessons

Being responsive over time and making strategic decisions is key to providing new leads. Whatever approach you currently take to marketing, it is important that your target audience knows that you are accessible, efficient, and focused.

New business conversations happen every day – join them:

Judging by one list of our customers, it seems that the technology business shows no signs of slowdown. New business conversations take place every day and are well received. Wherever possible, companies operate on their feet, adapting to circumstances and seeking new opportunities.

With a communication susceptibility perspective, you should rethink your marketing strategy. Keep in mind the changes in your audience’s needs, pain points and their new remote work setting – and adapt your offers and messaging accordingly.

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